MAX-40 Fitness is a provider of group-based interval training and personal one-on-one training led by certified personal training professionals.

MAX-40 Fitness combines innovations and effective team training with premium service and cutting-edge technology to deliver its members a workout that is fun, fast and scientifically proven to deliver phenomenal results.



MAX-40 Fitness was founded on the notion that the best functional fitness is simple, effective, and most importantly, enjoyable. The cornerstone of MAX-40’s exercise philosophy is member engagement, a high degree of variety and innovation when it comes to workout programming and a focus on results-based training. Drawing on a bank of various custom exercise routines from a diverse range of popular training techniques, MAX-40 Fitness’ group training classes consist of high-intensity interval training circuits that change daily.

MAX-40 is both effective and highly addictive, making it easier for members to work out regularly and consistently. The result is a physique that is lean, strong and athletic, a bigger social network… and a stronger sense of control and accomplishment.


MAX-40 Fitness provides one-on-one comprehensive fitness training with a certified personal trainer who will work with clients to create the right program for their body type with the goal of losing body fat, gain muscle, feel stronger, get motivated, live healthier, have more energy and improve overall performance.



Engaging a client is key in the practice of health and wellness. Because change can only come from within, success is measured by effectively involving everyone in the process of preventive care. Testing Resting Metabolic Rate (“RMR”), VO2 Max, threshold and heart rate with the Cardio Coach Plus and Styku 3D Imaging Techology not only provide clients with invaluable information, but it engages each client in understanding how their own body formulates the recommended course of action. Members will have an opportunity to be assessed on the following:


A Resting Metabolic Rate (“RMR”) determined through oxygen uptake is a scientific measurement that holds each person responsible for caloric consumption thus eliminating their age-old excuses. As they see their body as a calorie burning machine, they will feel empowered to take charge and make changes in their life. Studies show that interventions are 50% more likely to be effective when tailored to a patient’s own results as provided by the MetaCheck given to each client monthly.


A VO2 Max test assesses fitness in a way that is unique and personal by providing information about an individual’s anaerobic threshold, aerobic, calorie burn and oxygen consumption. The more oxygen you can use, the greater your fitness level! It works by analyzing your VO2 and finding at what heart rate your body crosses its threshold of anaerobic threshold, and aerobic threshold are measured, your true Target Workout Zones can be found.


3D Body Scanning allows us to monitor the changes in a client’s body shape and dimensions as their body responds to their fitness program at MAX-40 Fitness and nutritional guidance; and track baseline circumferences like hip, thigh, waist, bust, and girth measurements. We don’t let members get discouraged by their in-home weight scale. We also use the fat% to determine health risks compared to others within our clients’ gender and age group and determine how much fat a client would like to lose, by setting a burn rate/ activity level and target date. Using basic energy balance, the 3D Scanner reveals a member’s needed caloric deficit to reach his or her goal. Clients are provided with a turnkey experience. We automatically create a model of the daily expenditure and then use the daily deficit to estimate the maximum caloric intake the member can consume to reach their fat loss goal.

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